Dallas Propane Cylinder Filling and Cylinder Services

Dallas Butane Gas Company is a family owned and operated propane filling station offering services for propane cylinder users, RV travelers and commercial propane cylinder users in the Dallas Texas area. Located just west of the Dallas Central Business District, Dallas Butane is an ideally located propane fueling station in the heart of Dallas.

Dallas Butane Gas Company serves the propane needs of residential and commercial propane cylinder users alike. We offer charge accounts for commercial users and accept all major credit cards. Come visit Dallas Butane Gas Company for all of your propane cylinder filling needs and cylinder service needs.

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Dallas Propane Cylinder and Bottle Filling

Dallas Butane Gas Company has been serving the needs of propane cylinder and propane motor fuel customers for over 60 years. Dallas propane users have come to rely on the services offered through Dallas Butane Gas Company for their cylinder and mobile propane gas needs. We are centrally located in the heart of Dallas for convenient propane fueling of cylinders, vehicles and RVs. Our hours of operation are 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and 8 to 12 on Saturday. Propane cylinders we commonly fill include residential barbecue cylinders, forklift cylinders and larger cylinders used for temporary heating or propane tar kettles.

Dallas Butane Gas Company stocks and supplies propane cylinders of all sizes. Propane cylinders can be purchased at our office located just Southwest of downtown Dallas. Propane cylinders in our inventory include 20 pound, 30 pound, 40 pound and 100 pound cylinders. We also stock and sell 33 pound propane forklift cylinders. Other propane cylinder services include cylinder repairs and propane cylinder recertification. Come by Dallas Butane today for your propane needs!

Dallas Butane Sells Kerosene Too!

Dallas Butane Gas Company Location

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